Saudi Nursing Society


Rules governing the association


Article I: General reference to Saudi Arabia nursing science

Established scientific behalf of the General Association of the Saudi scientific nursing science works under the supervision of King Abdulaziz University and exercise activities in the development of theoretical knowledge and practical, providing advice and scientific studies and applied for public and private sectors, according to the provisions Taatzmnha rules governing scientific societies in Saudi universities.

Article II: scientific objectives of the Saudi Society of Nursing Science

Saudi Scientific Society aims of nursing science to the following:

1. The development of scientific thought in the field of nursing and devoted to development and revitalization.
2. Scientific networking for the members of the Association.
3. The provision of scientific advice in the area of specialization.
4. Development of performance scientific and professional members of the Association.
5. Production is the exchange of scientific ideas and scientific interests in the Association between the relevant bodies and organizations within and outside the Kingdom.

Article III: Saudi Arabia scientific activity of the General Nursing Science

Saudi Arabia is the activity of the Scientific Association of nursing science in order to achieve the goals mentioned in Article II as follows:
1. Encourage research and scientific advice.
2. Author and interpretation in the field of scientific books and related interest from other areas.
3. Conduct scientific studies of the evolution of aspects of practice applied.
4. Symposia, seminars and courses related to interest magazines.
5. Studies and the issuance of bulletins and journals related to areas of interest.
6. Participation in domestic and international exhibitions.
7. Invite scholars and thinkers relevant to participate in the activities of the Association in accordance with the procedures the organization.
8. Organizing trips for members and scientific competitions in the field of scientific specialization.

Article IV: membership and terms and procedures

Three types of Membership :

• active membership: it requires the following

  1. To be called organic holder of degree or its equivalent in the field of nursing.

  2. To pay annual contributions.

  3. Is considered by the Department of conditions.

  4. To be issued by accepting the decision of the Administrative council.





• Honorary membership:
Granted by the General Association for shares in the development of areas of interest to the Association, or provided financial or moral, and exempt from the requirement to honor a payment to participate, and may attend meetings of the General Association and its various committees, participate in the discussions.

• membership association: for,

  1. University students in the area of specialization Association.

  2. Employees and those interested in the Association who do not have those qualifications is set for the membership of the workforce.

Exempt associate member of the 50% of the value of the annual subscription, and may attend meetings of the General Association and its various committees, participate in the discussion without the right to vote.


Article V: termination of membership

Term of office expires in the Association in the following cases
1. The withdrawal of the member or his death.
2. If not paid the annual subscription after years of entitlement.
3. If it a condition of membership.
4. If any action or activity results in harm to the Association or literary material was not subject to membership in this situation only with the consent of the association.

Article VI:  Restoration of membership


May be a decision of the Administrative council membership to the member who lost his request if still ended the reasons for omitting the former.
Article VII: General Association - the composition of the General Association and meetings
Association consists of members of public employees. Hold regular meetings once a year the invitation of the Chairman of the Board is not true, but the presence of a majority of the members did not attend if the majority may convene another meeting after two weeks and this is true who attended the meeting. May at the request of the Administrative council or the five members of the general Association held an extraordinary meeting if necessary.


Article VIII: General Association - the competence of the General Public

General Association seeks to achieve the objectives of the Association and, in particular, have the following:
1. Issuance of rules governing the internal functioning of the Association.
2. Adoption of the annual budget of the Association and at the expense of the final approval each year.
3. Adoption of the annual report of the Association.
4. Selection of members of the Administrative council.
5. Adoption of the Plan of Action by the Administrative council.
6. The proposed establishment of branches of the Association on the recommendation of the Administrative council.
7. Appointment of an external audit of the Association and fees.
8. The suggestion to move the headquarters from one university to another.
9. Propose a solution Association.

Article IX: Honorary President General

Of the General Association, at the suggestion of the Administrative council, the nomination of Honorary President of the Scientific Association from among persons known areas of interest the work of the Association for a single period of three years and that a decision of the University Council, the presidency has attended the meetings.

Article X: funds and budget of association.

First: mainly rely on its own resources, namely:
1. The outcome of the annual contributions of members.
2. The outcome of what sells the Association bulletins, periodicals, and its services within its objectives.
3. The complexity of the income of courses and programs.
4. Donations, contributions and grants from universities or bodies and individuals.

Second: The Association budget and final accounting

1. For the fiscal year begins and ends with the fiscal year of the University.
2. Final accounts are prepared in accordance with the rules and customs career.


Article XI: forming  the administrative  council

1. The Administrative council shall consist of a number of members serving no more than nine elected by the General Association by secret ballot from among its members workers, to be at least one third of the staff of King Abdulaziz University.
2. The term of office of the Council for three years, renewable once.
3. If the absence of one member of the Administrative council meetings three times in a row without an acceptable excuse may Administrative council considered resigning.
4. When a vacancy of office of one of the members of the Administrative council selected from the general Association of the reason the Council would choose a replacement, and requires the approval of the General Association at the first meeting.
5. Administrative council selected by secret ballot from among its members as its Chairman for three years, renewable once on the employees of King Abdulaziz University, the Council also choose from among its members and deputy secretary of the Council and the Secretary of the money.
6. Chairman of the Board is the Society's representative to the others and acting in liaison with the formal and informal and outside the Kingdom in accordance with the procedures established with the presidency of the regular general Association.

Article XII: Board Meeting

Administrative council will hold a regular meeting every three months, is not its true only in the presence of a majority of its members, who may hold extraordinary meetings as requested by more than half of its members or his fifth of the members of the general Association or the President of the Administrative council, in which case the meeting is to discuss Issues that the Council held for it. And the decisions of the Administrative council by a majority of those present and equal votes is likely the voice of the President of the Council.

Article XIII: functions of the administrative Council

1. Association budget proposal.
2. The numbers of the agenda of the General Association.
3. General policy proposal of the Association in the context of the objectives contained in these rules, and presented to the General Association for approval.
4. Proposal to the internal rules of the Association and organization of work.
5. The composition of the specialized committees and groups to perform the functions of the Association and its activities.
6. Preparation of the annual report of the activity of the Association and submitted to the relevant councils in King Abdulaziz University after its adoption by the General Association.
7. Determining annual contributions of members.
8. The commissioning of studies and research.
9. To approve the holding of seminars, courses and seminars in accordance with related regulations and of the King Abdulaziz University.
10. Accept gifts and donations, grants and aid.

 Fourteenth-term: General Regulations
1. In its activities linked to the Director General of King Abdul Aziz University or his representative.
2. General Association adopts record and the Administrative council by the Rector or his representative.
3. In the event of disagreement between the university and director of the General Association or the Administrative council raised the issue to the UN University and the decision is final.
4. If dissolved the Association (for whatever reason) property devolves to the University of King Abdul Aziz.
5. If the transfer of the Association of the University of King Abdul Aziz move all their property and documents to the new university.

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