Saudi Nursing Society

Association committees

First: the Committee on Research and Studies
D. Elham Bent Abdullah  Nakshbandi, Chairman of the Committee
D. Amina Bint Adam Barkawi, Managing Director, Vice President


-  Preparation of studies and research issues are discussed nursing
-  Finding ways to provide research articles, and access by researchers
-Providing information on research grants available, and access by researchers

-  The provision of scientific advice to the planning and implementation of scientific research and


-  Review texts summaries of research and evaluation
-  The issuance of the scientific journal of nursing as well as Saudi Newsletters
-  Translation of books and articles and providing foreign nursing for the largest segment of the

    Nursing staff workforce.




Second: Committee of Education and Training
A. Raga’a Bent Mohammad Jad Al-haq, Chairman of the Committee
D. Elham Bent Abdullah  Nakshbandi, Vice-President


- To examine and identify the educational needs of nursing staff and prepare operational plans to fill

   those needs.
- Design and implement programs (basic and specialized) training and development of nursing staff
- Coordination and implementation of various educational activities (lectures, symposia, workshops,

   .... etc.)
- Develop a mechanism determine how to increase the efficiency of nursing personnel in the

   Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
- Providing the site with developments in the field of medical and nursing techniques
- Coordination with specialists and trainers and to provide places for training  


Third : Committee of Clinical Nursing

A. Ghada Abdullah bint Mubarak, Chairperson of the Commission
A. Amin Bin Mohamed Madani, Vice-President
- Planning and implementation of specialized workshops in various areas of clinical nursing
- Nurses provide standards and guidelines for action based on clinical evidence and evidence


Fourth : Committee of Public Relations , Information and Publications
  A. Ibrahim bin Ali al-Naimi, Chairman of the Committee
  A. Fulfillment of Bint Saeed Bin Ali, Vice-President
  A. Faisal reformed Althagafi, Site Manager


- The website of the Department of Society
- Highlighting the role of the General Information, in particular, and the nursing profession in general
- Organize meetings and forums, exhibitions and other activities that support the media activities of the Association
- Media coverage of the activities of the General Association and the representation of different occasions
- Providing financial support to fund the activities of Association
- Document and archive activities of the Association
- Coordination of the observance of World Day of Nursing
- Coordination with the media to cover all emerging issues affecting nursing in Saudi Arabia.
- Network continues to deliver the votes and proposals of the Nurses Association
- Organizing tours and visits of domestic and international (such as universities and international organizations, nursing)


Fifth: Committee of management and consultancy
D. Nazek focus bint Mohammed, Chairman of the Committee
D. Irfan beets well built, Vice-President.
- Providing professional advice of nursing staff
- Presentation, discussion and adoption issues a nursing and better ways to deliver them to decision-

- Channels and sources to find experts and advisers
- The opening of a channel of communication and communication between nursing staff, officials and decision-makers on all issues affecting the nursing profession


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